corey + erica engagement shoot: december 4, 2016

if you've been following me on instagram lately, you know that i've been on quite a fashion and editorial wave lately. i took a slight detour from what i normally do to stretch my limits and do something fun. while i had a great time producing new content, it was refreshing and nice to get back to the more important things in life. things like LOVE, family and more LOVE.

last weekend i had the privilege of photographing two engagement sessions, the second of which were of corey and erica. you know why i love doing engagement sessions? because i get to experience how couples love each other. how corey and erica love brings a smile to my face. what these two have is very very special y'all. it's probably because they started out as best friends before entertaining more romantic interests. as you see from the photos, these two lovebirds spent most of their session laughing. i know they didn't intend to entertain me but oh did they! lol. their comments, jokes and side eyes to each other were great to watch. erica's personality is larger than life, which is great seeing as though she's so tiny! and corey is the perfect fit for her. his more gentle and calm nature balances them out perfectly. i wish the future sullivans all the continued love, laughter and success in the future. 

oh and special shout out to lauren (from the previous client post) for referring the sullivans to me!

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